Dane Holmes

Dane Holmes - Orem, Utah
Dane wrote to tell us, “Hey TAXI! First, just wanted to share a recent win from a placement that
originated through a TAXI submission. My track ‘Another Night’ was signed to an
Australian-based music library back in 2020, I believe. It was recently placed in this BTS Stranger Things video for Season 4's most iconic ‘running up that hill’ escape scene, which can be seenhere.

I've been a huge fan of the show and its music from day one, and have only daydreamed
of landing something in that show. This placement might be the closest thing, given that they only seem to license old hits (but never say never!).

I was wrapping up some work in my studio at 2 a.m. when I noticed a YouTube thumbnail for a behind-the-scenes video of the Max vs. Vecna escape scene in Stranger Things. I had just finished watching the finale of Season 4, so I clicked and watched. At 2:13 I noticed a familiar track. It probably took 30 seconds to realize it was for sure mine. I hadn't heard it in about 2 1/2 years, but it came back to me that I had signed that track to a music library through a TAXI Listing.

It was a surreal moment that I really couldn't believe... a dream come true to land a placement in something so massive, produced by an official Netflix YouTube channel with 3.4 million subscribers. In just 2 weeks the video has amassed 1.9 million views and shows Sadie Sink and Sean Levy talking about the most iconic scene from the entire season, maybe even the entire show! Thank you for giving musicians the opportunities to land placements like this. It would never have happened without my TAXI membership!

What do I like most about TAXI? It's the fact that I can get real pros in the film/TV biz to listen to my music and tell me if it's good enough to put on the desk of a music supervisor. There isn't anything more validating than having that stamp of approval from veterans in the industry. That's the fuel that keeps you going. The fact that TAXI’s the one place that I can go to for industry listings in almost any genre you can think of, combined with the education you get through the TAXI Forums and the Road Rally is something I’ve really valued during my membership.”

Wow, Dane! What a great placement, and a great story. We’re very excited for you, and thank you for letting us know!

Robin Ravazzini

Robin Ravazzini - Reno, Nevada
We just got this great news from Robin, “I’m excited to announce my first placement, and it came through a TAXI Listing! I joined TAXI in November of 2021, and have submitted to around 30 listings, primarily with instrumentals, some of which were written solely by me, and some with co-writers. Out of those submissions, I have received four forwards.

So far, only one of those forwards led to a music library contract, BUT it turned out to be a great one, because it led to my very first placement! On Thursday night, two of my instrumentals landed on the hit ABC show, The Con.

I submitted to an instrumental brief this spring and after receiving the forward, the library contacted me to sign the single cue. When I emailed back, the library contact saw on my email signature that I am a cellist in addition to being a composer. He said that he was also looking for cello music and wondered if I had any other cues to send him. I immediately sent him more tracks, including some I’d written with my co-writer, Will Collante, and the library signed a handful of those as well!

Fast forward to this past week, when two of the tracks ended up being used on The Con, Season 2, Episode 1! And Whoopie Goldberg is narrating over one of them!

I'm so grateful to TAXI for making this possible for me. In less than two years since joining, my writing has improved immensely, thanks in part to the constructive feedback I've received from the TAXI A&R screeners. A few times I have been tempted to get discouraged, but instead, I just headed back to the studio to make adjustments and then incorporated their advice into my next compositions.

I am so grateful to Michael and the whole TAXI team. I learned so much at the virtual Road Rally in November, and cannot wait to attend in-person this fall! And a shoutout as well to fellow TAXI member Robbie Hancock, whose Sync or Swim organization has been an incredible way for me to continue learning about sync through 2022. He is a firm believer that TAXI is an amazing way to succeed in this industry, and I can now also attest to the fact that it works!

Update: More exciting news! I just found out I have cues in at least four episodes of The Con this season. I’m still waiting to hear about the remaining episodes, so it could be more than four!”

Our fingers are crossed, Robin! We hope you get even more placements on that show. Primetime placements on broadcast network (ABC) shows like The Con pay really well on the back-end. You should get a nice quarterly check from your PRO, soon. And they’ll probably keep coming in for some time to come. Congratulations!

William Shephard

William Shephard - Bronx, New York  
Bill signed some of his songs with one of our very favorite music publishers some time ago, and we thought we’d give you an update of his placements (on Netflix, Freeform, Hulu, and TNT) thus far in 2022! These updates have come to us via the awesome publisher/label that Bill signed with via a TAXI Listing.

(AUGUST 8) “Writing to let you know that ‘My Love is Real’ is appearing in the new Netflix film, Purple Hearts, which is now streaming!”

(JULY 22) “Looping in our friends at TAXI to let you know that your tune ‘Come on Home (I Need Your Love)’ will be in the Netflix film, Beauty, which starts streaming tomorrow!”

(JULY 7) “Writing to let you know that ‘My Love is Real’ is going to be in the show, Motherland: Fort Salem, episode 304, which airs on Freeform and HULU!”

(FEBRUARY 8) “Writing to let you and our friends at TAXI know that ‘My Love is Real’ will be used in episode 303 of the TNT show, Snowpiercer.”

J Matthew Curlee

J Matthew Curlee - Rochester, New York
We love emails like this! “You may remember a request from a music library a few months ago, an exclusive contract to provide music for a specific show, requesting Orchestrals in the range of The Crown

TAXI was kind enough to forward a selection of mine that I knew was not a perfect match, but after hearing from the music library’s CEO, I wrote a more on-target track over the weekend. He took both of them, plus one other, and the newly written track got placed on ABC/Disney’s The Con, airing in the next week or two. 

In the meantime, I’ve struck up a great partnership with the owner of the music library, and am putting the finishing touches on a full album of piano and orchestral music for them, and planning a second.

I feel very fortunate to have made a living from my music over the last two decades, but it’s only been recently that I have set aside the time to develop–with TAXI’s help–the skills and industry relationships to compose for TV and film, something I’d wanted to do for years. After a few months of focused work, I landed my first placement on ABC’s The Con and, more importantly, now have a half-dozen companies asking me for music.

The challenge has shifted from even believing in myself enough to chase this goal, to cranking out enough material to place in all these catalogs. I’m finishing one album and starting a second for the publisher that signed my first tracks back in April, and juggling additional projects for several other companies. I’m especially appreciative to have had two tracks (‘Better Angels’ and ‘The Crux’) included on TAXI’s recent Election Music compilation, something that not only got me in the door at a number of exciting publishers, but actually had them competing for my music - not something I’ve ever experienced before. I’ve got a lot of work to do before I can make this my full-time job, but thanks to TAXI I can finally see that road clearly.”

Thank you for giving us these updates, Matthew. We’re really proud of you, and very happy for your success! It’s not every day that musicians get multiple companies competing for their music, so we’re especially excited that we could help make that happen for you. Keep up the great work, and please keep us in the loop when you sign more deals, and get more placements!

Jeff LaPlante

Jeff LaPlante - South Hadley, MA
Jeff LaPlante is at it again, and he’s happy to report, “I have now signed deals with eight different companies since rejoining TAXI two years ago. Thank you so much to Michael and the team for making this all possible. The dream is becoming a reality. 

1.  I have signed deals with eight different companies, since rejoining TAXI two years ago. That’s over 150 cues signed, and in the marketplace, 450 tracks including alt. mixes and cut-downs. All of this has been made possible because of TAXI. 

2.  Several of the companies I have reached out to myself, without being forwarded by TAXI. I must say though… that without the votes of confidence by the A&R screeners and the education that comes with being a TAXI member, I would have never had the courage to reach out to those companies directly. One company is even paying upfront $$$ for my music. 

3.  Being featured in TAXI’s Top 10 in May, and also seeing myself in an episode of TAXI TV (Michael showed a clip of an interview that I was in, talking about being a TAXI member) provided a nice sense of accomplishment for me. It’s nice to be respected and hear kind words said about you… and it made me feel like a valued member of this community.”

Jeff, we think this is just the beginning for you! With your positive attitude and work ethic, we think you’ve got a nice, long career ahead of yourself creating music for media. Keep up the great work, and thank you for the update. Congratulations! 

Ove Shei

Ove Shei - Vesterålen, Norway
We’re excited to get this update from Ove! “I haven’t been submitting too much to TAXI this year, as I’ve been working on specific projects directly with two music publishers I’ve been connected with through TAXI.

In March of this year, I signed four tracks with one of the companies for a specific TV series.
And last night I got an email from him saying one of those tracks had shown up in a cue sheet sent to him for upcoming episodes of The Con on ABC.

I started this journey with TAXI in March 2018, and I set this goal for myself: Within five years something that I have produced should be placed somewhere. And yes, I did it!

So, now I need to think of a new goal. Hope you all are well :)”

We are doing well, Ove, and feeling even better upon hearing this great news! Congratulations, we are so happy for you!

Rolf Schild

Rolf Schild - Edertal, Germany
We just got this terrific update from Rolf, “I just was notified that three tracks of mine have been placed on ABC and Hulu for The Con TV series, in Episodes 1 and 2 of this season. This is a milestone for me! I started to learn how to make licensable music from scratch at age 60 because of COVID. Now, I'm 63 and entering a new stage of my life and career in music. Thank you, TAXI!

I’ve submitted four tracks for TAXI Listíngs #S220312DA ‘DARK HUMOR/SOMBER DRAMEDY INSTRUMENTAL CUES are needed by an EXCLUSIVE Music Library that's connected with many TV Production Companies and Showrunners for a Major Network Show!’

Two of them got forwarded. Some hours later, I got an email from the Library saying that they liked the tracks, and wanted to pitch them for TV shows on ABC and Hulu. I told them that I can deliver more and they were interested to hear them.

So, I changed the remaining two tracks according to the A&R screener's suggestions. That worked fine. I even wrote two more tracks. All of them needed some revisions, but within a week, all six tracks have been accepted.

Recently (14 weeks later) I got this email: ‘Hi Rolf, I just wanted to give you a quick heads up; I’m slowly getting cue sheets in from The Con and you have 3 tracks in Episodes 1 & 2 (combined). Congrats! :) Hopefully, lots more in the next episodes… Cheers!’

If I were to think of TAXI only in terms of getting forwards and placements, then I would surely miss some important aspects. First of all, there are the most valuable comments of the A&R screeners. I started to do licensable music two and a half years ago from scratch. I had absolutely no idea what this was all about. I knew my DAW and I was composing for 45 years but that doesn’t mean much when it comes to success in this particular set of genres. Then, there is the super helpful community in the TAXI Forums, the TAXI TV episodes, and the Road Rally (sadly enough, I never was there in-person).

All that combined was the stepping stone for me. Meanwhile, things look different. I’ve learned to decipher listings (not only from TAXI but also from libraries directly). I have 120+ tracks in libraries, and I’m part of a cooperative of composers, now. We started with three composers a year ago, and now we have six composers on our roster, and a bunch of composers that want to become members. All of our albums have been accepted by music libraries and we crank out two to three albums every month.

If that's not a reason to be a TAXI member, I don't know what is.”

We love that you understand that TAXI is much more than just our awesome opportunities, Rolf! Congratulations on those signings and placements, and we sincerely hope you can join us for this year’s Road Rally in November. If you think things have gone well, so far, the Rally will take you to an entirely new level, even faster!

Bobby Acres

Bobby Acres - Fort Worth, Texas
“I received a forward on August 30, 2021, and shortly thereafter was contacted by a prominent Music Library that’s partnered with Sony and Universal. I was able to sign an artist deal and negotiate a deal for my production company to do exclusive music for the library, all while maintaining independence and ownership on outside projects.

I also received forwards on May 17 and 24, 2022. TAXI gives you a fighting chance to get your music in the hands of the decision makers. Before TAXI, unless you had management or a publicist that was connected, your material was considered unsolicited. It was almost impossible to get heard. Although the internet has been a blessing for independent artists, it's a gift and a curse due to oversaturation of artists. Therefore, TAXI is still the vehicle that will get your music to the right destination.”

That’s true Bobby, but you’ve got to be making the right kind of music, which you apparently are! Keep up the great work, and thanks for the update! Congratulations!

Andy Salmonsen

Andy Salmonsen - Jamul, California
Andy emailed to tell us, “TAXI sent out a brief for Orchestral instrumental cues in April of 2022.  I submitted a few tunes, including one called ‘Joy,’ which was forwarded. I then received a follow-up from the company that ran the Listing, and I sent him a total of six tunes, including a song called ‘A Rising Tide,’ which was an Orchestral Tension piece. At the end of July, the Music Library’s CEO let me know that ‘A Rising Tide’ had been selected for the TV series, The Con on ABC, Season 2, Episode 2. I watched the episode and kept waiting to hear my tune! Near the end I was thinking they made a mistake, but it was actually the last song on that episode, and the playout. This is my first placement with TAXI, and my first placement on broadcast network TV!

I have several trailer and orchestral pieces placed with three other Music Libraries I’ve met through TAXI, and some new opportunities with two other companies, also through TAXI.

I also just recently had a great experience with yet another CEO of a great Music Library. He wanted to use a couple horror-type trailer pieces he received from a listing that TAXI ran for him. He has really helped me hone my craft in trailer writing with some amazing input and direction on how to get that massive, punchy, trailer sound. I have learned more in the last two weeks than in the last two years! I am very thankful for that connection.

I LOVE the direction TAXI gives. The big shift for me came when I read an article by a TAXI member on what to do to get your pieces forwarded. She had seven points, but the main items of note were to: READ THE BRIEF, LISTEN TO THE EXAMPLES, AND WRITE SOMETHING SIMILAR. Once I really started doing that, it made a huge difference and I started getting forwards. And the critiques I have received from TAXI A&R screeners have been absolutely right 95% of the time. I remember one screener said they liked the first three seconds of one of my early Trailer pieces, which was only a riser… OUCH! That one stung a bit, but they were right! It's great to hear good things about your song, but I would rather hear what’s wrong with it so I can make it better. The input from TAXI Screeners on how to improve my pieces and how to improve my sample libraries has been invaluable. TAXI absolutely helps in that way like no other company!”

We’re so pleased to hear this news, Andy, and congratulations! Please keep us updated as you sign more deals and get even more placements. Keep up the great work and keep on learning. There’s always something more out there to help you become better and more successful!

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