TAXI Road Rally, 2022

Live, In-Person
November 3rd - 6th, 2022
Los Angeles, California

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TAXI's 2022 Road Rally will be live and in-person once again! We’re happy to say that we’ll finally be back at the Westin LAX Hotel in Los Angeles, California from November 3rd – 6th, 2022, and we can’t wait to see you there!

Our members are incredibly excited to see each other again, and we’re putting together excellent Music Industry Panels, Classes, and Mentors so we can do what we’ve done for the last 25 years — make this the best Road Rally ever!

We’ve been closely monitoring how other conventions are implementing measures to mitigate any COVID-19 issues, and rest assured that we’re taking every precaution to make our attendees feel safe.

While I am writing this, we’re in the process of finalizing topics and booking panelists, teachers, and mentors. We’ll keep you updated as we make progress, but in the meantime, please look at the schedule from last year’s (virtual) Road Rally to get an idea of the quality and breadth of information our members get for FREE each and every year at the most highly-regarded music industry convention there is!

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Road Rally 2021 Prequel Schedule

Open to the Public

Monday, November 1st

Prequel # 1

8 Career-Killing Mistakes You’re Probably Making with Tony van Veen
Tony is the CEO of DIY Media, the parent company of Disc Makers. He’s also been the CEO of CD Baby and a working drummer. In other words, he’s seen musicians make all kinds of career-killing mistakes, and he’s probably made some of his own along the way. As an avowed champion of independent musicians for all of his adult life, who better to share some of the most common mistakes he’s seen time and time again? There’s a decent chance you might be making some of them yourself. Join us for this enlightening discussion so you can find out what they are and leave them in the rearview. Ever onward!
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Prequel # 2

Composing Orchestral Music “In the Box” with Marc Jovani
Dozens of TAXI members have told us how great Marc Jovani's Symphonic Virtual Orchestration course is, so we invited him to give you a taste of what he teaches! If you’d like to make better-sounding, more realistic Orchestral music “in-the-box,” here’s your chance to get some great tips from a highly-regarded expert.
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Prequel # 3

Creating Compelling Vocal and Instrumental Arrangements with Nancy Moran and Fett
Want to keep your listeners engaged by avoiding the “same ol’ same ol’” in your musical arrangements – for both live performance and recording? Nancy and Fett will show how using just 2 voices and 2 guitars on real-world songs! They’ll show you specific techniques to “spruce up” your arrangements and make your songs stand out for your fans and music industry professionals alike. You’ll learn crossing harmonies, counter-melodies, counter-rhythms, layering, and mixed tunings/voicings that are easy to learn and apply to your own music.
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Sponsor Session

Airgigs: Hire Pro Studio Musicians & Audio Engineers for Your Music launched in early 2012 as the first marketplace platform for hiring professional session musicians, vocalists and audio engineers online. Now with members in over 160 countries working from their recording studios, the platform gives music creators direct access to world class studio talent - anywhere there’s an internet connection! Songwriters, music producers, bands and creatives can hire talent to enhance their existing productions, or they can produce an entire song from composition to mastering completely online.
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Prequel # 4

Writing Bios That Don’t Suck with Dan Kimpel
Artists, composers, songwriters, performers, and producers all benefit from well-written bios. A bio creates an immediate identity, brands a style, and leads a reader directly to the music. Ideally, your bio should be applicable for multiple purposes: a key ingredient in an EPK, an essential element on a website, for social media, and as a professional introduction to music supervisors, bookers, press and the music business at large. Author, educator, and journalist Dan Kimpel creates bios for top music industry professionals. During this session, Dan will help you discover techniques to make yours shine!
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Prequel # 5

Organizing Your Music, Pitches, Signings, Placements, and Income with Keith LuBrant
Keith is a shining example of how somebody with a full-time job, a family, and a mortgage can still earn a really nice “second income” from his favorite side hustle — making music for TV, film, and TV commercials. He’s had placements on more than 1,100 TV shows on 201 TV networks for a total of 568,155,148 needle drops! He’s a pretty humble guy who isn’t comfortable talking about how much money he makes with his music, but suffice it to say that his daughter could go to Harvard when she grows up and have plenty of spending money left over. Or Keith could just buy a bunch of rare guitars ;-) So how does he keep track of all that music, his pitches, who it’s signed with, the placements, and how much he’s earning? Watch this session to find out!
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Sponsor Session

MasterWriter: The Most Powerful Suite of Songwriting Tools Ever Assembled in One Program
Why struggle to find the right word when you can have all the possibilities in an instant? Find out how MasterWriter can help you write better songs and make you a better songwriter in the process!
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Prequel # 6

5 Steps That Landed a Publishing Deal in 30 Minutes with Jason Blume
At a recent workshop, one of Jason’s students (who had never published a song) played a song that checked off all the boxes. Jason sent it to a successful publisher, and he loved it! The writer has now signed a contract. In this session, we’ll examine what the writer did—and what you can do to get a “YES!”
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Tuesday, November 2nd

Prequel # 7

Recording Electric and Acoustic Guitars with Ronan Chris Murphy
Some say that recording electric and acoustic guitars is becoming a lost art with samples and sims readily available. But let’s face it; capturing the sound of a great amp pushing air in the studio or the dulcimer tones of a beautiful sounding acoustic guitar can be the difference between good and great recordings. Join Ronan for this master class that will show you how to give your listeners goosebumps!
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Prequel # 8

Song Feedback with Legendary Record Producer, Michael Lloyd
Michael Lloyd’s feedback sessions at the “physical” Road Rally have long been a fan favorite. Michael is incredibly honest, while being tremendously supportive of Indie musicians. His feedback is pointed and helpful in taking your songwriting, production, and style to the next level. Songs (from TAXI members only) will be chosen randomly and played for Michael, who will give feedback and potentially pick some for upcoming projects. Music played during this panel will be chosen randomly from a playlist generated from a panel-specific TAXI Listing that ran prior to the Rally. Submissions not played during the panel will be screened on a yes/no basis after the Rally, and Forwards will be sent to Michael Lloyd.
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Prequel # 9

The 10 Biggest Mistakes Songwriters Make with Jai Josefs
Jai is a world-renowned songwriting coach who has been helping songwriters develop successful careers in the industry for over 40 years. His students have secured major label record deals, top 20 hits, publishing deals, and hundreds of placements in film and television. His book Writing Music for Hit Songs has been endorsed by hit writers including Diane Warren and is used as a text on contemporary music composition worldwide. We think he might have more than 10 mistakes to share with us ;-)
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Prequel # 10

Using Rejection Productively with Arnold “Chanon” Bloch, LCSW
There’s not a songwriter, artist, composer, or TAXI member who hasn’t had to deal with the anger, frustration, and even depression that comes with their music being “rejected.” Many musicians don’t feel like their music is the only thing being rejected. They often feel like they’ve been personally rejected because their music is so much a part of them. We get it, and we want to help you find a productive way to use those feelings in a positive way, rather than letting it eat you up. Arnold Bloch is not only a licensed therapist, he’s also an accomplished musician, songwriter, and a has been a TAXI member, so he knows all about rejection, first-hand! We’re excited to have him share some healthy, productive ways to use “rejection” rather than suffering from it!
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Prequel # 11

Collaborating Remotely: The World is Your Oyster with Sessionwire & Randy Bachman
We live in a hyper-connected world; but for musicians who need to collaborate on music creation, using email, Zoom, FaceTime, speaker phones, and services like WeTransfer can often feel like we’re still using tin cans connected with a very long string! The audio sounds bad, the video is laggy, and waiting for a file via email or WeTransfer can really screw up the vibe and the schedule! Sessionwire is the most elegant solution we’ve seen for collaborating in real-time with great audio and video. There are so many cool ways to use this awesomely easy technology that we asked our friends at Sessionwire to put together a video showing an actual session. And guess who (pun intended) is playing on the session? None other than the legendary founder of the Guess Who and Bachman-Turner Overdrive, Randy Bachman! Randy was a TAXI member for a number of years, and he might hold a world-record for collaborating with songwriters in Los Angeles, Nashville, New York, and London. We hope he can join us for some Q&A at the end of the session!
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Wednesday, November 3rd

Prequel # 12

Creating a Music Marketing Plan of Attack with Bobby Borg
Bobby lives and breathes marketing for musicians! He’s got a Master’s in marketing from USC, and he’s the author of the best-selling book, Music Marketing for the DIY Musician. He’s one of the most sought-after speakers at top music conferences and was the drummer for the band Warrant. Join Bobby as he lays out a no-B.S. marketing plan that you can start using the very next day!
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Prequel # 13

Production Music Libraries: What They Are and What They Do for You with Dean Krippaehne
Dean is a veteran songwriter, musician, author, artist, music producer, and highly-successful TAXI member. His music has been heard on hundreds of TV shows, films, and new media around the world. He also earned gold and platinum records when his song Do Your Thing appeared on Stefanie Heinzmann’s album, Masterplan, on Universal. Dean is the author of the (Amazon Best Seller) books Demystifying the Cue and Demystifying the Genre, as well as Write, Submit, Forget, Repeat. If there’s anybody who can explain what production music libraries do and why they can be valuable partners for indie songwriters and composers, Dean’s the guy!
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Prequel # 14

Music Attorney Live Q&A with Erin M. Jacobson, Esq.
Get your questions ready before the panel begins and post them in the live chat! Please keep them short and to the point so Erin can answer as many as possible during this live Q&A session. Erin is a practicing attorney, experienced deal negotiator, and a seasoned advisor of intellectual property rights who protects musicians, songwriters, music publishers, and a wide variety of other music professionals. Ms. Jacobson has been named as one of the “Top Music Lawyers” by Billboard, as well as a Super Lawyers Rising Star, and one of the Top Women Attorneys in Southern California.
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Prequel # 15

Sound Amazing with One-Click Mastering with Tony Bongiovi and Peter Greco
When TAXI’s Michael Laskow got a phone call from two old friends telling him about an amazing new Mastering app that’s as easy as one-click, he was all ears (pun intended). Who are “the friends?” Tony Bongiovi: Mad genius, engineer/producer/inventor, and founder of the legendary Power Station recording studio, who’s worked with artists like Jimi Hendrix, Aerosmith, The Ramones, Fred Fender, Gloria Gaynor, Ace Frehly, Ozzy Osborne, and many more. Michael’s other friend is Peter Greco: composer/producer who was Executive Music Producer/Sr. Vice President of Young and Rubicam advertising agency for 17 years. Peter was responsible for music production on ad campaigns for Range Rover, SONY, Bacardi, Jaguar, Met Life, Xerox, US Postal Service, AT&T, Key Bank, Burger King, Accenture, Chevron, LG, and many others. When these guys told Michael about this “one-click” mastering app, he said, “Let’s show it to our viewers during the Road Rally!” And that’s exactly what we’re going to do — followed by some live Q&A with Tony and Peter!
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Sponsor Session

MasterWriter: The Most Powerful Suite of Songwriting Tools Ever Assembled in One Program
Why struggle to find the right word when you can have all the possibilities in an instant? Find out how MasterWriter can help you write better songs and make you a better songwriter in the process!
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Prequel # 16

Streamline Your Songwriting Process with Robin Frederick
Want to hit more deadlines in TAXI's Industry Listings and briefs from music supervisors? Best-selling author and world-renowned songwriting coach, Robin Frederick, will show you how to write more and write better, so you can get your music to the people who need it when they need it!
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Prequel # 17

Are You Collecting All the Money You’re Owed? With Brenton Hund, Esq.
C’mon, do you really know all the different ways you can get paid for your music these days? And which companies or organizations should you use to collect that income? The landscape is changing faster than most (if not all) of us can keep up with, and we’re pretty sure a lot of people are leaving uncollected money on the table! We’ve got the perfect person to sort it all out for us: Brenton Hund, Assistant General Counsel/Music at Warner Media. He oversees legal and business affairs issues related to music created and used by WarnerMedia, worldwide, focusing on HBO, TNT, TBS, Turner Sports, CNN, HLN, Cartoon Network, Adult Swim, truTV, and a variety of foreign networks and digital platforms. And he’s a songwriter and artist himself! Get your notepads ready for this interview!
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TAXI’s 2021 Virtual Road Rally

For Current TAXI Members, only

Day One - Friday, November 5th

Welcome to the Rally with Michael Laskow Keynote Interview: Music Supervisor, Mary Ramos
Award-Winning Music Supervisor Mary Ramos has helped create the musical identity for over 100 films in nearly 30 years. She's helped to shape the music for blockbuster features, award-winning independents, passionate documentaries, and episodic television. She's worked on Grammy-nominated soundtracks and won two Guild of Music Supervisors Awards for Django Unchained and The Hateful Eight. And while she might be best known for her work with Quentin Tarantino, what makes Mary Ramos fascinating to us is the wide range of types of projects she's worked on, including Happy Gilmore,Bride of Chucky,South Park: Chef-Aid, Kill Bill (1&2), Mrs. America (Emmy-nominated score) Little Fires Everywhere (Emmy-nominated score), Wu-Tang: An American Saga (Season 2), Wasteland 3 (video game)Stillwater, and many, many more. Knowing how a music supervisor approaches their job in these various genres of media would give you an edge in understanding what could make your music more appealing to them. That's exactly what we'll explore with the multi-talented Ms. Ramos!
Producing TV Music for Your Day Gig with Matthew Vander Boegh, Chuck Henry, and Stephen Baird
Matt, Chuck, and Steve are among our most successful TAXI members, and they’re incredibly generous in sharing what has helped them become so successful. There’s a lot to be learned from this hard-working, grateful, and oftentimes funny trio of composers who’ve built long-term careers with nothing more than their talent, industry knowledge, and solid work ethics. You’ll be inspired, and probably get a roadmap to your future success!
How to Build a Professional Website with Melanie Kealey at Bandzoogle [Sponsor Session]
It seems like every musician has social media accounts, yet many have forgotten the value of having their own website! And those who have a website often squander that value by using poor choices of fonts, graphics, and not knowing what the most important content on any given web page should be. Learn all that and so much more from the world-class experts at Bandzoogle.
Be a Fly on the Wall for a Country Co-Write with Marty Dodson and Clay Mills
Nashville is famous for the hundreds of scheduled writing sessions that take place there each and every week. If you’ve ever wondered how they choose which idea to go with and how the writers keep the creativity moving forward in a fixed amount of time, this session is for you!
Instrumental Music Pitch and Feedback Panel with Pedro Costa, Trevor Lewallen, and Martin Haene
Instrumentals and Cues (from TAXI members only) will be chosen randomly and played for these Music Licensing executives who will give feedback and potentially pick some for inclusion in their catalogs. Music played during this panel will be chosen randomly from a playlist generated from a panel-specific TAXI Listing that ran prior to the Rally. Submissions not played during the panel will be screened on a yes/no basis after the Rally, and Forwards will be sent to all the panelists.
Programming Modern Synth Sounds with Omnisphere ft. Michael Babbitt [ILIO Sponsor Session]
Creating modern sounds for film scores and commercial music can be daunting for many. Fortunately, we’re living in a Golden Age of musical sound design where virtual synthesizers such as Omnisphere by Spectrasonics keep composers and songwriters on the creative cutting edge. In this presentation Michael “MIDIhead” Babbitt shares tips on how he uses Omnisphere to design sounds that are soundtrack ready, how you can infuse them with realtime expressive control, and customize them to your personal preferences and projects on the fly. As he walks you through his new patch collection called Elevator you’ll pick up some valuable tips to elevate your sound using Omnisphere.
Mixing Orchestrals with Dennis Sands
Dennis Sands has recorded and mixed more than 300 film scores, including Spiderman, Forrest Gump, and Avengers: End Game (largest box office sales in history). He has four Academy Award Nominations, and he's also recorded and mixed music for hundreds of episodic television shows, as well as for Jazz greats like Ella Fitzgerald, Count Basie, Sarah Vaughn, Joe Pass and Oscar Peterson. If you'd like to learn how he mixes "in-the-box" strings and makes them sound incredibly realistic, you can't afford to miss this powerful session taught by one of the nicest guys in the recording industry!
TV & Film Song Pitch and Feedback Panel with Bob Mair, Matt DeLuca, and Pat Weaver
Songs (from TAXI members only) will be chosen randomly and played for these Music Licensing executives who will give feedback and potentially pick some for inclusion in their catalogs. Music played during this panel will be chosen randomly from a playlist generated from a panel-specific TAXI Listing that ran prior to the Rally. Submissions not played during the panel will be screened on a yes/no basis after the Rally, and Forwards will be sent to all the panelists.
The MusicPro Cafe Showcase at the TAXI Road Rally
Our friends at Music Pro Insurance will host a live showcase featuring six TAXI members! Final selection of performers will be made by Music Pro from a curated list of TAXI members that responded to a Listing that appeared prior to the Road Rally.

Day Two - Saturday, November 6th

Instrumental Music Feedback Panel with TAXI A&R Team Members Paul Taylor, Craig Pilo, and Joe Brandt
Instrumentals and Instrumental Cues (from TAXI members only) will be chosen randomly and played for these TAXI A&R Team Members who will give feedback. Music played during this panel will be chosen randomly from a playlist generated from a panel-specific TAXI Listing that ran prior to the Rally. Submissions not played during the panel will be screened on a yes/no basis after the Rally by the panelists, and Forwards will go on to a TAXI Instrumental Compilation that will go out to a few of our favorite Music Libraries.
How to Launch Your Career with Kali J and Tamara Bubble
TAXI founder Michael Laskow has watched with delight as Kali and Tamara have built their burgeoning careers by working hard and working smart! What have they learned along the way that could save you time and keep you pointed in the right direction? Is it social media? Is it song craft? Is working longer days than you’d expect? And how much of it is just plain luck? You’ll have to join Michael and these two talented women as they tell you what’s worked best, and what hasn’t!
How to Successfully Record, Release, and Promote Your Next Album in 90 Days with Tony van Veen [Disc Makers Sponsor Session]
Anyone can release an album, but the truth is that doing so successfully is rare among independent artists. In this presentation Tony van Veen will do a detailed walkthrough (yes, with a calendar) on all the steps required for a successful album release, including recording, manufacturing, digital distribution, and – most importantly – the key promotional activities required to successfully launch and sell your album... even during the lingering COVID-19 pandemic!
TV & Film Song Pitch and Feedback Panel with Music Supervisors Frank Palazzolo, Yvette Metoyer, and Jacob Nathan
Songs (from TAXI members only) will be chosen randomly and played for these Music Supervisors who will give feedback and potentially pick some for upcoming projects. Music played during this panel will be chosen randomly from a playlist generated from a panel-specific TAXI Listing that ran prior to the Rally. Submissions not played during the panel will be screened on a yes/no basis after the Rally, and Forwards will be sent to all the panelists.
Shure Sponsor Session and Giveaway Stingers, Stems, Edit Points, and Developmental Arcs with Steve Barden
If you’ve seen the terms Stingers, Stems, Edit Points, and Developmental Arcs used in TAXI’s Industry Listings but you’re not 100% clear on exactly what they mean, we’ve got the perfect guy to make it all crystal clear! Steve Barden is a successful composer, and author of the must-have books, Writing Production Music for TV – The Road to Success and Deconstructing Production Music for TV. Watch this session, and your TV music will become much better, seemingly overnight!
Prize Drawings
You must be present in the YouTube chat during this session to be eligible to win! Prizes will be announced shortly before the Rally begins.
Music Publishing for Musicians with Bobby Borg and Michael Eames
Music publishing is somewhat complex, but you need to understand it if you want to become successful in virtually all aspects of the music business. Michael Eames and Bobby Borg are fan favorites whenever they appear on TAXI TV, and here’s why: they have a gift for making the complexities of music publishing less intimidating and easier to understand. In other words, they speak “musician,” not geek speak. Join the authors of Introduction to Music Publishing for Musicians as they break it all down into easy-to-digest concepts in this must-see session!
Composing on Demand with a Blank Slate and a Short Timeline with Randon Purcell
Composer Randon Purcell has been a TAXI member, a member of TAXI's A&R Team, and now a staff composer for a high-end music-for-media company. Throughout his career, Randon has learned to compose music at a pace that most musicians would find mind-boggling — oftentimes, by just jumping in without waiting for an idea or inspiration. If you've ever seen a TAXI Listing or an industry brief that you wanted to create music for but couldn't get past a blank slate and a short timeline, this presentation is definitely for you!

Day Three - Sunday, November 7th

How TV Editors Pick and Place Music with Laurel Ostrander
Laurel is an A-List TV Editor who has wowed the audience in previous Road Rally ballroom presentations. She’s incredibly smart, and one of the best “teachers” who has ever graced our stage. She’s going to tell you tell you why she chooses one piece of music over another, what type of Instrumental Cues and Songs work best, and how she uses music to make scenes in the shows she edits much more impactful! Hundreds of TAXI members who’ve heard Laurel at past Rallies have told us what they learned from her was truly life-changing. Miss this session at your own peril!
R&B, Hip/Hop, and Pop/R&B Song Pitch and Feedback Panel with Ron Harris, Ty Knox, and Rob Chiarelli
Songs (from TAXI members only) will be chosen randomly and played for these true music industry veterans who will give feedback and potentially pick some for upcoming projects – Records, Sync, and TV Commercials. Music played during this panel will be chosen randomly from a playlist generated from a panel-specific TAXI Listing that ran prior to the Rally. Submissions not played during the panel will be screened on a yes/no basis after the Rally, and Forwards will be sent to all the panelists.
Pandora AMP with Andee Connors [Sponsor Session]
Pandora AMP is a suite of products and programs that connects artists and fans. AMP is designed to support artists of every size at every point in the campaign cycle. The Insights and Marketing Tools enable an artist to know their fans, market to their fans, and engage their fans. Learn more about how Pandora AMP can help you grow your fanbase in this live Q&A session with Andee Connors.
Prize Giveaways
You must be present in the YouTube chat during this session to be eligible to win! Prizes will be announced shortly before the Rally begins.
Vintage Music: Why Your Oldies Could be Goodies with Jeff Freundlich
If you’ve got old demos or masters from decades past (1930s – early 2000s), you can’t afford to miss this interview with a world-class expert on this subject. You’d be shocked at how many “vintage” songs get placed in TV shows, blockbuster films, and TV commercials. Join us to find out why so much of that music is needed, how good it needs to be, and what the most often-requested genres are. You might be sitting on a little (or not-so-little) gold mine and not even know it!
“Hey Rob, Can You Fix My Mix?” With Rob Chiarelli
Got a problem with your mix? Would you like a Multi-Platinum, 4-time Grammy Winner to have a listen and see if he can suggest a fix? Rob Chiarelli is an A-List mixer/engineer/producer, and he’s going to listen to some randomly selected songs submitted to a TAXI listing for this Rally session, and do his best to answer your specific questions. “Is my overall balance good?” “What can I do to help make my lead vocal sit better in the mix?” “Does my reverb sound right for this style?” “What can I do to get my bass and kick to sound more locked-in and punchier?” You get the idea, right? We’ll play randomly selected songs, and 100% of the submission fees from this Listing/Rally session will be donated to, the Tunnels to Towers Foundation, and St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital to help musicians, families of fallen first responders and soldiers, and children. This is going to be fun, educational, and helpful to some very deserving musicians, gold star families, and children. Each person who has a song played during this session will also get a code for a FREE plugin download from Rob’s personally designed tools at
How to Find Success Using TAXI with John Pearson and Greg Carrozza
John and Greg are very typical of many members — they didn’t get a lot of action, deals, or placements in their first year or so with TAXI. They wondered if the screeners really knew what they were doing ;-) But then they figured out what the “secret sauce” is. And just a few short years later, both of them are consistently getting forwards, getting placements, and we have little doubt that they’ll land in the TAXI Hall of Fame. Are you frustrated? Do you want to know how many submissions and forwards it takes before your career starts to blast off? Don’t miss this session!
The Happy Ending Pitch and Feedback Panel with Rob Chiarelli, Michael Lloyd, and Andrea Torchia
This is the final panel of the Road Rally weekend, and we always have a lot of fun as we listen to Songs and Instrumentals (from TAXI members only) that will be chosen randomly and played for this esteemed panel of experts. They’ll give feedback and potentially pick some music for upcoming projects. Music played during this panel will be chosen randomly from a playlist generated from two panel-specific TAXI Listings that ran prior to the Rally. Submissions not played during the panel will be screened on a yes/no basis after the Rally, and Forwards will be sent to all the panelists.

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TAXI Road Rally 2021
"What a great convention. This was my first year, and I could not get over the fact that it's FREE! I cannot figure out why TAXI’s not charging $400-$500 for something of that caliber." -Kerry Cox, TAXI Member
TAXI Road Rally 2021
"I flew 15 hours from Sao Paulo to LA just for the Rally. And I can tell you: it was one of the best experiences in my life!" -Rogerio Maudonnet, TAXI Member
TAXI Road Rally 2021
"I’m skeptical of any service that offers to help musicians ‘make it’... so I didn’t know what to expect. ...90% of [the TAXI Road Rally] was the most focused, specific, high-quality advice I’ve ever seen distributed in a seminar format." -Stephen Fortner, Editor, Keyboard Magazine
TAXI Road Rally 2021
"I just returned home last night from my first Road Rally. I learned more in three days about the business of music than I have from 45 years in playing bars. It was great, I loved it, and I will be back next year."-Dean Brittain, TAXI Member
TAXI Road Rally 2021
"The TAXI Road Rally is the best conference I have ever been to for musicians looking to become better at songwriting, performing, networking and marketing." -Ariel Hyatt, Social Media Expert
TAXI Road Rally 2021
"I would pose this question to anyone who could but didn't come [to the Rally]. Are you serious about music?" -Terry Anthony, TAXI Member
TAXI Road Rally 2021
"Will the Rally be a waste of my time if my music isn't 'ready?' I almost didn't go to the Road Rally this year because I didn't feel ready and professional enough. I decided to go anyway, and I'm so glad I did. Not only did I make some incredible contacts, but also I came home feeling much more professional and knowledgeable about the industry and my own direction as an artist. Thanks again for opening so many doors for me!" -Celia Rose, TAXI Member
TAXI Road Rally 2021
"Many relationships began for me at the Rally, not only with fellow members, but also with music library owners and publishers who eventually signed my music. I would not have any of the success I have had so far without the TAXI Road Rally. It’s a no brainer in my opinion, if you’re serious about your career." -Robbie Hancock, TAXI Member
TAXI Road Rally 2021
"We've been to many music conferences. The TAXI Road Rally is the best one, by far. It's family."Carol and Ed Nicodemi - Bayside, NY
Hollywood Music Supervisor Frank Palazzolo and Fatima Gerendas (TAXI Member from Vienna, Austria) share a moment at the Road Rally.
"I think I’ve personally gained several years experience over just three days. I am now more focused and have a better understanding of what TAXI listings and TAXI screeners are looking for."Terry Solfleet - Penistone, United Kingdom
The How Daytime Dramas Choose and Use Music session with Music Library CEO, Beth Wernick, and Composer/Music Supervisor, R.C. Cates, showed the audience the “how and why” of song placements in the long-running soap opera, The Young and the Restless.
"The industry professionals were truly indeed approachable and very willing to share and lift others; I was blown away by the easy access to them."Heather Yates - Kansas City, MO
Jeff Freundlich (COO, Fervor Records) gives a Road Rally attendee some advice during one of the One-to-One Mentor sessions.
"For once in my life, my passions and interests have been validated. Thank you, TAXI."Rosanna Angela - Houston, TX
It was a packed ballroom of very happy TAXI members and their guests during the Producing Fleetwood Mac session with Grammy-winning producer, Ken Caillat. Caillat told some great behind-the-scenes stories about the making of Fleetwood Mac’s albums Rumours and Tusk. He also played lots of individual instrument tracks from the multi-tracks of those records.
"I took off time without pay and flew 3,000 miles... well worth the time and financial investment! I didn’t walk away with a publishing deal, but I walked away with the tools to effectively pursue and hopefully ( crossing my fingers) obtain a publishing deal or a music library placement." Christine Matte - Charlotte, NC
This is a great shot, looking out at the audience during the Happy Ending Pitch Panel with (left to right) Pedro Costa (Music Licensing Executive), Bob Mair (Music Licensing Executive), Greg O’Conner (Music Licensing Executive), Ron Harris (A&R/Multi-Platinum Producer), Rob Chiarelli (100x Platinum, Grammy-Winning Producer, Mixer).
"As a music producer, my happy place is by myself with my computer and my sounds. As such, it takes a lot for me to leave the house and interact face-to-face with other people, let alone get on a plane to LA and interact face-to-face with roughly two thousand energetic music creators over a three-day weekend! Road Rally 2019 was my second Road Rally, and I can tell you it was amazing, inspiring, and life changing. To those who may be on the fence about attending the Road Rally, all I can tell you is - just go. Start planning now, and make it happen. You'll be glad you did!"James Hagarty - Bellingham, WA
TAXI Member Clark Van Norris (right) was presented the John Braheny Songwriting Award by Michael Laskow with JoAnn Braheny proudly watching the presentation.
"2019 was my 13th consecutive Road Rally! I hope I never miss one. It may sound over the top but the Road Rally is truly a life changing experience! Everything I’ve accomplished with my music has been because of the Rally and this incredibly loving and giving TAXI music community."Casey Hurowitz - Fort Washington, PA
Road Rally attendee Ryan Pearl won this gorgeous acoustic guitar from the nice folks at Paul Reed Smith! We were all a little jealous!
"90% of my success I can trace back to trust relationships made and develop from the TAXI Road Rally over the years and in my opinion, attending the TAXI Road Rally is a must if you are serious about taking your music to the next level. Thank you to all the TAXI staff for putting together such a wonderful event that has launched my music career. It has definitely changed my life and the lives of so many other members that I now call my friends."Robbie Hancock - Victoria, BC, Canada
Aram Mandossian is deep in thought as he listens to a TAXI member’s music during another one of the One-to-One Mentor Sessions.
"The Road Rally brings together a group of musicians and songwriters from all over the world, in one spot for one long weekend, for what is basically a 'family reunion' for those who come every year. Where else can you hang out with such a group of like-minded people? We catch up with one another in person and share a wealth of information - from recording and songwriting techniques to best business practices, just to name a few things. I stay in touch, year round, with these 'family' members, and I collaborate with the ones I get along with best. So if you want to join this family, all you have to do is show up in November - you'll be welcomed with open arms."John Lewitt - Toronto, ON, Canada
The ILIO booth always had lots of traffic, and for good reason: the products they featured were among the most popular in the business!
"Well, as a Brit attending my first Road Rally, I do have a lot to say. My initial concern was, is it worth the expense, time and (in my case) horrendous jet lag? Without a doubt Yes it was! I had an amazing time, not only in meeting the friendliest, warm hearted, giving people that I’ve ever met, but just to be surrounded by musicians that are all striving for the same goal."Mark Parr - Hove, United Kingdom
You’d think we would know the name of the person who won $500 in cash at the beginning of the Road Rally, but we can’t see her badge. Believe it or not, we haven’t yet memorized every member’s name ;-) Congrats lady who is smiling!!
“Since I am trying to break into the sync world, I was hoping that I could actually meet music supervisors. (as an aside- I went to another sync conference a while back and it was difficult to actually meet anyone - a very long line to say hello for thirty seconds). Your luncheons - with music supervisors moving from table to table actually gave you a decent amount of time for a meet and greet. And although I am a bit shy talking to strangers initially, people were so friendly, I rose to the occasion. And not only did you seem to get an A+ group of music sups on the panels, every question that popped up in my head, you asked. I truly feel your conference is the best out there.”Lynda Levy - West Hollywood, CA