This Article Originally Published in 1994 by Bob Baker.

We've all heard the expression "It takes money to make money." And sometimes it does. We've also heard horror stories about the complications of bank loans, business plans, lawyers and meddling investors. And it's those negative mental associations that keep many musicians from ever taking a stab at a big project—whether it be committing to a record release, buying a new PA and lighting system, producing a music video or starting a small record label. I can hear you now: "Man, I'm never going to be able to get a bank loan. And I wouldn't trust a power-hungry investor with my career. Why bother?" Well, I say, "Don't let those perceived obstacles stop you from getting what you want out of music!"

For now let's forget about bank loans and high finance and start thinking about more creative, street-level methods of raising money. Let's call it Guerrilla Music Financing. And the first rule to note is that—unlike the tried-and-true road to investment capital, where a large lump sum of money comes from one almighty source—we guerrillas have to think in terms of combining a number of smaller money-raising streams into one sizable river of capital. What follows is a list of 18 specific actions you can take right now to get the cash flow moving toward your musical project:

You heard it here first: Guerrilla Music Financing can work for you—if you let it.

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